Cheap and dead-simple hosting for Trilium Notes, the open source personal knowledge base!

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Trilium Notes is a personal knowledge base and note-taking application. It has many features, like:

  • Per-note encryption
  • Tree layout that allows for placing a note in multiple places
  • Rich text editing features like tables, block quotes, inline math via KaTex
  • Rich note types like Mermaid diagrams and flowcharts,

    canvas notes using Excalidraw,

    relation map notes that can show a network of relationships between notes,

    code notes with syntax highlighting,

    and more.
  • Full note versioning to recover edited notes
  • Sharing to public URL's on your subdomain (simple way to create a blog!)
  • Password-protected access on any mobile device

Screenshot tour

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By purchasing this service, you will receive a Trilium Notes installation on a subdomain of your choise (

It will be compatible with a desktop installation as a sync target, or you can simply use the web version by visiting the URL.

Some features (specific to this service):

  • You can use a subdomain, or any custom domain you want (or bring one you own for free) - there is an add-on choice at checkout for the yearly option.
  • You can create simple blogs with the share feature.
  • Backups are encrypted and created 4 times a day.
  • Trilium Notes versions are automatically updated every day so you will always be up to date.


$3.50/month or $36/year

The pricing structure is very basic (and cheap!).

$3.50/month gets you a hosted Trilium Notes instance you can connect to from anywhere.

In addition, you can pay yearly with a plan that costs $36/yr (a 15% discount). This will be offered at checkout.

If you choose to pay yearly, you will also be given the option to pay an extra $16/yr (totals to $52/yr) for a full custom domain of your choice (like

There is no hard storage limit, but if you plan on storing large media or files, this may not be the service for you. If you are storing significantly more than normal, in the gigabytes, and it's causing a reduction in performance or affecting other users, you will be asked to reduce your usage. It's not enforced or automatic, but a soft limit. Please play nice.

Click me to purchase. will contribute 5% of your subscription to remove CO₂ from the atmosphere, in collaboration with the Stripe Climate program. They are very transparent about the projects they support, sending me quarterly updates on my contribution and which projects they were allocated to, so they have my support. To date, has contributed over $360 total via this percentage donation and other regular donations. You can find more information here. Stripe Climate program logo


make some friends, share the love

If you are an existing customer, you can refer a new customer and receive one month free when they create a subscription. Your referral code is your chosen subdomain and can be entered at their checkout.


Because we all need a little help sometimes.

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use the desktop app]; click firstyes "" style firstyes stroke:red,stroke-width:4px,color:red; firstno --> sync[Do you want to sync
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Trilium installation?]-->selfhost[Yes, I already selfhost on a server]; style selfhost stroke:red,stroke-width:4px,color:red; click selfhost ""


The preferred method of contact is via email. Contact <trilium> <at> current domain.

For abuse/DMCA contact <abuse> <at> current domain.

In the case of a DMCA: Please detail the URL and a formal letter from the rightsholder demonstrating that you have the right to send takedowns on their behalf.

In the case of abuse: Please include relevant URLs, and an explanation. A real live human with emotions (me) will be reading this, so if it's abuse, you can be sure that it will be taken care of as soon as I possibly can.